Quarterly (3-Month) Subscription

Quarterly (3-Month) Subscription

Included in Your Subscription

  • Monthly Wellness Planners - daily / weekly / monthly calendar spreads, trackers for habits, moods, meals, and more, journaling prompts and evidence-based exercises.
  • 21-Day Journaling Program - guided audio reflections to build the journaling habit and boost moods.
  • Members-Only Community and App - personalized prompts, affirmations, and peer-to-peer support.
  • Community Events - virtual classes and workshops to get the most out of your membership.
All it takes is 5 minutes a day to see positive change and meaningful results across all areas of your life. It's not magic, it's science.

Each journal is inspired by positive psychology, bullet journal techniques, and proven self-help layout and includes guided prompts, wellness trackers, and dated calendar spreads for easy introspection, creativity, and focus.

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  • Personalized support
  • Membership concierge
  • Free shipping, always
  • 89% more likely to achieve goals
  • Unlimited virtual classes and events
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Life Workbook

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Cancel, skip, or pause upcoming charges anytime ?While we are 100% confident that you will see positive results in your self-care journey, we want you to have complete control of your subscription. You can cancel, skip, or pause upcoming charges anytime you want.

Open Modal

Open Modal

Product Details & Features

Dimensions: 7" x 8.5 " 

Paper weight: 100# cover, 70# pages 


  • Gold Wire-O Binding for Lay-Flat Layouts
  • Collectible Artisinal Covers
  • Custom Designs and Frameworks 
Included Content
  • Artisanal, surprise cover and artwork
  • Letter from our creator
  • Daily, weekly, & monthly calendar spreads
  • Habit, mood, meal & expense trackers
  • Themed, guided journaling prompts
  • Evidence-based exercises
  • Coloring pages
  • Blank note pages
  • Recipes
  • Inspirational quotes
  • A little surprise, just for you! 

 Your subscription will renew every three months unless you cancel. 

Did you know

Journaling Reduces Stress

Clinical psychologists say that bringing pen to paper helps alleviate anxiety and stress, increase IQ and memory, and heal trauma? Even better sharing your self-care journey with others helps reinforce the growth mindset and positive habit stacking.

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Why It Works

Our proven, holistic approach to self-care makes the path to a happier, healthier you easy and fun. All you have to do is show up.


Why It Works

Our proven, holistic approach to self-care makes the path to a happier, healthier you easy and fun. All you have to do is show up.

  • Feel joyful and accomplished
  • Find accountability buddies
  • Inspire creativity and action

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We have answers.

Planner Details
+ -
  • Dimensions: 7" x 8.5", 56 pages
  • Paper Weight: 100# cover, 70# pages
  • Gold Wire-O Binding (Lay-Flat Pages)
  • Collectible artisanal covers
  • New theme, new aesthetic every month
  • Ready made bullet journal layouts
  • CBT exercises
App Details
+ -
  • Sonder Club - members-only community
  • Daily Affirmations for positivity
  • Daily Rituals - guided audio journaling prompts
  • Question and Poll of the day
  • Seasonal Self-Care Bingos
More Than a Planner
+ -
  • Start afresh every month
  • Backed by science, powered by community
  • Easy accountability and peer-to-peer support
  • Guided audio programming to create long lasting positive habits
  • New themed prompts and layouts every month
  • Live events to connect with other members
Is every Silk + Sonder journal the same?
+ -
  • No - we keep things fun and delightful at Silk + Sonder :) But you will see consistency in our planning, tracking, and intention setting layouts.
Who has tried this approach?
+ -
  • Tens of thousands of customers in every state of the country
  • People seeking balance in their lives
  • People trying to reach their greatest ambitions
  • People trying to rekindle their creativity
  • No matter your goal, Silk + Sonder is right for you
Better than vitamins

Your Self-Care Toolkit

We all need something different when it comes to daily self-care. We offer our members a variety of options to live more intentionally, productively, and joyfully. Do what works for you, tell us what you need more or less of - we’ve got you covered.

Monthly Guided planners

Reduce anxiety, boost moods and IQ, and heal trauma.

Audio Programming

Our audio series helps you find the clarity to pursue your wildest dreams, one daily ritual at a time.

Workshops + Content

Connect with your peers from the comfort of your home and learn more ways to make your wellness practice work for you.

bingoS & affirmations

Enjoy reminders and challenges to integrate self-care into your everyday life.

Self-care INSIGHTS

View patterns on your moods and habits to see what’s working and where you want change.

"A little piece of me-time I look forward to every morning and night."

"Silk + Sonder helps me organize my life in a streamlined way and makes it feel less overwhelming."

"I like the feel of the fresh start Silk+Sonder gives me as I work on accomplishing my goals, both short-term, and long-term. "

A 360° Approach to Self-Care

Included in Your Subscription


Themed Monthly Planners

Guided monthly wellness planners with evidence based exercises.

Our guided monthly wellness planners include evidence-based exercises to help you reflect, plan, and celebrate the journey towards your goals and dreams.

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Daily Rituals

A month-long guided audio practice led by our Founder to maximize your Silk + Sonder experience.

Cultivate your self care ritual one day at a time. A month-long guided audio practice led by our Founder to make the most of your Silk + Sonder and bring a positive mindset to every day.

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App & Community

Access to our private members-only community and self-care activities for easy support.

Our mobile app includes access to our private community, self-care activities, and personalized insights for easy, uplifting peer-to-peer support and accountability.

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Content & Experiences

Curated content, virtual programming, and in-person experiences to deepen self-discovery and accelerate your growth.

Our thoughtfully curated content, virtual programming, and in-person experiences allow you to deepen self-discovery and accelerate your growth.

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All Of You, In One Place

Inside Your Planner


• Curated journaling prompts
• Evidence based self-care exercises
• Themed quotes and poems


• Letter from our founder
• Habit, mood, meal & expense trackers
• Productivity & creativity frameworks

Planning Tools

• Monthly intention setting
• Monthly, weekly, and daily spreads
• Notes pages


• Mindset building through Daily Rituals
• Self-care activities and personalized insights through our App
• Inspiration and support through Sonder Club and Sonder Circles

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“What’s beautiful about Silk+Sonder is that it provides enough guidance to get you started but enough flexibility to truly make it your own. You’re in the driver’s seat.”

Creator of Silk + Sonder

Delighting Our Members

What Our Customers Say

"Silk + Sonder is the one part of my day where I can find the freedom and space to truly explore myself and give myself the tools to grow."


Clawson, MI

"Silk + Sonder has improved my efficiency and day to day life like no other."


Lexington, KY

"I love this journal. I was recently diagnosed with ADD. I've been sharing my journey with my therapist and she loves it too."


Chicago, IL

"Silk + Sonder has definitely been an increasingly useful tool in my treatment of clinical depression and OCD."


Fresh Meadows, NY

"I wanted to find something that would help me focus on my mental health. Silk + Sonder did just that. I am so grateful to Silk + Sonder for helping me process my feelings and plan healthy habits into my life!"


Boston, MA

"I was struggling during COVID but using the planner helped me focus on gratitude and most importantly my family. It turned my life around."


Kennewick, WA


Self-discovery and mindfulness can be hard. So we're here to make it easy.


What makes Silk + Sonder different?
We're a holistic, all-in-one solution to self-care. Our journals are backed by positive psychology and inspired by bullet journal techniques which makes for the perfect blend of productivity, reflection, and action. We also give you access to a members-only community for peer-to-peer support.
How do I know if Silk + Sonder is right for me?
We believe Silk + Sonder is for anyone who hopes to boost productivity, unlock creativity, practice active mindfulness, and/or navigate through new changes. The best part about Silk + Sonder is that we meet you where you are and provide you the tools to take you where you want to go.
When will my journal ship?
Your order will ship within one business day
What is Sonder Club?
Sonder Club is our exclusive members network available on our App. It's an uplifting, supportive community that inspires creativity, connection, compassion, and clarity. We promise you will want in!
What is included with my membership?
A brand new monthly guided journal with planning and reflection activities, access to our mobile app which houses our social network, self-care activities, affirmations and more, and opportunities to attend Sonder Socials and Sonder Circles, our immersive in real life and virtual events.
Is every Silk + Sonder journal the same?
Some of it! You can expect the planning layouts and wellness trackers to be the same, but we evolve our guided prompts and self-care activities based on the month's theme. A little consistency and a bit of surprise.
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